Track your health through mitochondria function

Is your exercise routine working for you? Is that new diet you started actually keeping you healthy? Meditation or the gym? Let’s take out the guessing game and test how your lifestyle affects your overall health.  

MyChon’s cutting-edge functional mitochondria test enables you to take the most proactive approach to improve overall health.

How? Every cell in our body is powered by mitochondria, and they provide up to 90% of the energy in your body to keep it working properly. Our organs, like muscles, brain, and liver critically depend on them, which is why these organelles comprise up to 40% of them. If your mitochondria don’t function well, neither do these organs – and vice versa

In addition to your mitochondria test, we provide you with personalized recommendations so you have actionable information to improve your overall health and can keep pursuing what you love free from health restrictions.